life is crazy!

life is crazy!

life right now is so crazy.
… crazy new
… crazy different
… crazy fun
… crazy real
… crazy small
… crazy tiring
… crazy awesome
… crazy cool
… crazy weird
… crazy eye opening
… crazy amazing
… crazy surreal
crazy new: the thought “what country am i in” comes to mind about 5 times day… followed by “dang God, you are so cool” about 100 times.
crazy different: it takes me at least 10 seconds to remember what language to say “thank you”, “hello” and “yes” in.
crazy fun: i wake up every morning on the ocean, look outside, and pray that it will be sunny and the seas will be smooth.
crazy real: we were planning to go to istanbul and all had our turkish visas ready. but  days before we were scheduled to enter we changed plans and instead went to croatia due to unrest in turkey.  four days later we got news of a suicide bomber that killed about 100 people. this hit home because that could have easily been us, any of us. and the mood on the ship was a bit different that day, sad for those families and friends that were affected by this tragedy, and thankful that we were all kept safe.
crazy small: i have met so many new, amazingly different people from around the world. my friends are from every state in america and multiple countries around the world. so cool to have a bed to sleep in –in just about every city i could imagine.
crazy tiring: i  have visited 6 countries in the last 6 weeks, with little down time, i mean class time. 🙂
crazy awesome: in barcelona they don’t go out until way past midnight, and i am not kidding when i say you go home when you see the sun rising above the ocean. so awesome to actually experience.
crazy cool: the stories i hear about friend’s adventures are wild, intriguing, inspiring, and encouraging. my friends have jumped out of airplanes, stayed with locals on their couches, slept under trees in rome, gone to the hospital, been arrested, saved people’s lives, played games on the first olympic stadium, got engaged, ate weird animals… and so much more.
crazy weird: i meet someone, shake their hand, ask their name, forget their name, and end up sleeping next to them in the middle of the mountains in croatia. and yes this happens often.
crazy eye opening: in morocco we saw 10 older people sitting in the middle of dirt roads down an alley, eating pealla out of a huge bowl with their hands, all dirty and looking like that might be their only meal for the day. i look over to my friend and say, “ah, that makes my heart hurt a little bit” … and he says “that’s good, that’s how it’s supposed to make you feel”.
crazy amazing: the conversations are real. they are authentic. they are filled with laughs and memories that i will treasure forever-ever !!!!!
crazy surreal: because as I’m writing this i am in morocco, looking at my friend kevin, who is also is from texas. we are hearing what sounds like gun shots, but we think are fireworks, and we are looking at one another in panic/amusement. we can also see the green laser that points toward mecca, and can hear the call to prayer that is currently taking place. now that is some craziness.
… and i’m crazy crazy thankful for every moment of this crazy journey!!!!
i hope your days are crazy….. crazy whatever !!!!!
xo ralph
  • Al :)

    October 23, 2015 at 1:49 pm Reply

    love your blogs 🙂 so inspiring and uplifting !

  • Audweee

    October 23, 2015 at 2:40 pm Reply

    I want to join the crazy !!!!!!!!!

  • virgcoleman

    October 24, 2015 at 2:40 pm Reply

    I cried while reading this, because I crave the craziness and realness more than you can imagine. I want this life asap.

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