things I never thought I’d miss…………..

PEANUTBUTTER. at&tsigninthecornerofmyphone. ICE. theword”yall”. DEPARTMENTSTORES. waitersthatspeakenglish. UBER. southernaccents. CHEESEBURGERS. blueimessages. MYCHURCH. spotify. MYCAR. drivingmyself. FRIENDS. mydoggies.
things I miss more than ever………………
BOATROCKINGMETOSLEEP. seeingtheoceaneverymoment. SMILES. hearingmyneighborsscreambcofthethinwalls. SOTERO:MYCABINSTEWARD. sassmooties. PACIFICOCEANSUNSETS. circuittraining. NOPHONES. mytinytwinbed. STAIRS. isolation. WEEKENDTRIPSTONEWCOUNTIRES. nointernet. SEAMAIL. thewashingtonpost. SASHOLES.
anyways, USA it is good to be back.
thanks for having me, world.
it was a good time on the water.
the ocean to me is like the earth’s HEARTBEAT…..
slow, steady, sometimes beats fast and wild. it’s full of adrenalin & peace, chaos & rhythm.
it’s amazing to be in tune with the heart beat of the world – beating up and down – you’re connected. it makes you feel alive, connected to the creator & aware that you are finite, small, but full of so much more.
yes we are a drop in the ocean, a blip in history.
but we are loved infinitely, by the one that controls all heartbeats. we’re all in sync, reflecting the creator.
the sea connects us all – to the past – to the future – to humanity throughout time. it’s changing yet always the same. it has been here before us and will inevitably be after. beating. up & down, up & down – slow wave rolls. never ending. with a far away unfathomable beginning.
our job is to ride them. ride the waves. listen to the heartbeat. go where it takes us.
your destination is better than you can imagine. imagine that.
so go out there.
get lost.
the world is at your finger tips.
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  • lauren tam

    December 30, 2015 at 9:55 pm Reply

    i absolutley love your post and i want to do my first semester at semster at sea and love how you connected to God through all of this ! what webcite did you use to create your blog? i have been wanting to make one for a long time. I know this is kind of weird but if you are ever in town i would love for you to speak at my youth group at church one sunday about your long journey and how God guided you through it all.

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