london calling……. !!!

london calling……. !!!


ahhh… this is crazy…i’m on the plane to LONDON right now…ahhhh!

feeling EXCITED for what the future holds & NERVOUS for the unknown. feeling FREE to explore the world but CLAUSTROPHOBIC in the fact that I’m trapped in this airplane for the next 8 hours lol. feeling HAPPY to meet some of my life time best friends, but SAD to have left some behind. feeling ANXIOUS to begin college, but CONFIDENT in the fact that my strength is found in Him.

aka… i’m a melting pot of emotions… ha!


also… for all you who are headed off to college in the next few years…don’t stress. YOU’ve got things in store that you cannot even DREAM!!!!

…for me, pepperdine was the dream. starting in august was expected. but oh no, God had something BIGGER and BETTER up his sleeve. i got spring admission to pepperdine, and my mind went to plan B, change schools. then…. i waited…. a friend … who was a stranger at the time… told me the same thing happened to her. then she told me to not do anything for a week, but to pray about it constantly. i did, & a week later i emailed semester at sea….. and here i am now…. on a plane, about to board the floating university.

crazy cool how life works. love it, and it’ll love you right back.


so so excited for my biggest adventure yet.

i’ve heard that life begins at the end of your comfort zone…. so let’s do this thiiiinngggg @life. (fist bump emoji).

peace and blessings and sending lots of love from LONDON!

xoxoxo ralph.

  • mia

    October 24, 2015 at 1:09 pm Reply

    This blog is my favorite blog out there! Please post more! I check 24/7 for posts and always am so happy when I see one :)) have a great semester!

  • Bridget stephenson

    February 24, 2016 at 5:52 pm Reply

    Wow! Your life is out of a movie. I’m hoping to go to Pepperdine in fall of 2017, and then I either wanted to do year in Europe or transfer to SAS. Are you still going to Pepperdine? If so, how did that work out with your credits or scholarships if you had any? 🙂 and did you transfer to SAS freshman or sophomore year?
    -Bridget 🙂

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